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Spring Cove Outfitters LLC is owned and operated by the Daniel Butler family; Daniel, Diana, David, Dale, and Demsie. In 2008, we applied for, and were chosen by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the BLM, and Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board to start an outfitting business for deer and elk hunting in Idaho’s famed Unit 45. 2009 was our first hunting season.

Daniel’s Great grandfather Pleasant Bassham Butler came overland from Arkansas in 1883. Grandfather Arthur Butler was born at Clover Creek, ID in 1888. He roamed the hills which are now Unit 45. He played with the Indian children and in later years collected many artifacts. Many other members of our family homesteaded in the area especially after the arrival of canal water in the early 1900s. The Butler family ran wild horses in the area and bred the good ones to remount stallions for the US Cavalry. Grandfather then made a reputation as a breeder of registered Angus cattle and Percheron horses.

Today, our family owns and operates Spring Cove Ranch. The ranch is centrally located on the southern end of Unit 45. We raise crops, Angus cattle and horses. We like to say that our most important crop is our children. Daniel manages the farming for Spring Cove Ranch. He also is a member of the Bliss Community Church, and a Soil Conservation District Supervisor. More importantly for you, he is the Designated Agent (DA) for Spring Cove Outfitters.about-img2

Diana is a certified Math, PE and Health Teacher with a Coaching Option. She has taught for 30+ years. She also keeps the books for the farm and the outfitter business and spends a great deal of time keeping Daniel organized. Together they have raised three children; David, Dale and Demsie. All three of them have a college education and still remain active in the outfitter and ranching businesses as well as starting their own careers.
Spring Cove Ranch offers many unique opportunities. It is a winter range and has a resident population for deer, elk and antelope. For bird watchers, a 50 bird day is possible, and a 50 bird weekend probable. Waterfowl are here in abundance, and Sandhill Cranes number well over a 1,000 from mid-February until mid-April. We have a stocked trout pond and one of the best bass ponds in Idaho. Our family has spent a great deal of time hunting and recreating in unit 45. We know it and we love it.

We are in the process of expanding our Outfitter business to include bear, mountain lion and antelope hunting as well as trail riding and fishing.

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Daniel Butler
Spring Cove Outfitters
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Bliss, Idaho 83314

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