Elk Hunts

The last few years have seen a large influx of elk from the North. Perhaps this is due to pressure from wolves. Why this occurred is unknown but the fact that they are here to stay is what is important to us. Herds of 50 to 250 are common on the winter range near the farms across the southern end of the unit. We also have wolves, but the elk herd in unit 45 is increasing. Like other elk herds in Idaho, these elk have changed their behavior and seem to like the proximity of farmland and tend to bunch up into larger groups earlier in the season. It has been a number of years now since unit 45 has had a spike hunt. The bull to cow ratio is excellent and the number of trophy bulls are increasing each year.
Unit 45 is a controlled hunt for all bull elk.

  • 100 rifle tags Oct. 1 – 31
  • 25 landowner rifle tags Oct 1- 31
  • 15 archery tags Sept 15 – 30
  • 4 archery either sex tags Sept 15 – 30

Application period for controlled hunts is May 1st – June 5th

Landowner tags are not available until mid Aug. We will be happy to assist but will not broker these tags. In Idaho, landowner permits may be transferred however a trespass fee is normally charged by the landowner. These fees vary in price with respect to each individual landowner. If you draw a tag 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 guiding can be arranged. Please call for pricing.

Super Tag Hunters * Landowner Appreciation Permit (LAP) Hunters * Controlled Hunt permit holders:

For any tag holder who wants the same advantages and opportunities as the allocated tag holders please call for pricing. Each hunt will be negotiated on an individual basis, commensurate with services provided.

Unit 45 offers a variety of hunting conditions. Some areas are better suited to pack into with horses and tent camp. Other options are a trailer, a cabin, or lodging at the ranch house. We will use the accommodations that best suit the client and give us the best chance at your elk. Contact us now if you are interested in a hunt.

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