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Elk Bugling Techniques And Tips

The art of elk calling is one that can be the quintessential turning point for a hunter's success rate with elk. There are many different techniques styles and methods of making elk calling an essential part of your tool kit while hunting. It starts with some of these basics. Bugling Techniques Of the many different calling techniques, most hunters start with bugling. As an elk hunter - either new or old - you should have a bugle. However, do you know how to use it properly? It used to be that bugling was the ideal way to bring elk close to you. A bugle would indicate to a bull that another bull was coming into the herd and would thus go to encounter the other bull and fight off the intruder, opening itself up to a shot by the hunter. Because every hunter under the sun owns a bugle now, the bulls have grown used to the sound and have started to ignore it more often, especially when the air is thick with bugle and cow calling in August and September when archery season opens up. After the second week of S...


Things to Look For in a Hunting Lodge

There are many things to look for in a hunting lodge. Your hunting lodge will be your refuge for a weekend or a week. If you are a beginner hunter, you may or may not know what to exactly look for while choosing between hunting lodges. You should also realize that there are hundreds of hunting lodges around the world. If you have no idea where to begin, then you can start at the beginning with a few key questions in order to determine what your hunting lodge needs. Here's where you need to begin in your hunting lodge search. Do you want an international and exotic trip? Or do you prefer a hunting lodge across the country or down the road from your home? Once you know the general area of where to begin your search, you can look for travel arrangements. You want to make sure that travel arrangements are available for the hunting season that you are choosing to go in. There are hunting lodges all over the United States, Scotland, Australia and Argentina just to begin. Then you can start your search for specific...


Good Hunting Dogs to Keep

Have you always dreamed about hunting in the wild but you can't do so because you don't have a hunting dog as a companion? This shouldn't mean that you should give up on hunting. It's better to focus your energies in finding a good hunting dog. Hunting dogs usually locate prey or collect it after it has been shot down. They can also terrify other animals when they are used in a group, especially when they are used to hunt down foxes. Finding the ideal hunting dog requires a fine combination of patience and skill. First, you need to decide what type of hunting dog you are interested in. If you'll spend your time hunting birds, then pick out a hunting dog accordingly. Hunting dogs are available in various training levels. There are some hunting dogs that have severe lack of training. Also there are many available young hunting dogs with little amount of training. Of course, there are hunting dogs that have been given the complete training by their trainers. If you don't want to waste your time or effort, pic...


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