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Hunting Dogs and Hand Signals

Training a hunting dog with hand signals is very practical. This can be mixed with verbal commands, when you are initially training your dog, which will reinforce the hand gestures. Though hand signals can be successfully used as the only training method and is a way to train a deaf dog or one that can't hear well. You can cue your dog to take a certain action using hand signals. There are several reasons that hand signals are better than using verbal commands with a hunting dog. When you are hunting, your dog will many times be distanced from you. He might just take off running. Maybe you are in the field with him or on an agility course and he is too far away to hear a verbal command. If he is trained with hand signals, he will watch for your command. It is more probable he will see the hand gesture.Hand signals are a way to tell the dog what action to take and be quiet. When dogs are worked up, they don't respond as well to verbal commands, but they do respond to visual signals. Their listening response i...


Hunting Knife Styles and Uses

People of all ages throughout time have hunted for survival, pleasure, and necessity. The hunting knife has been a staple piece of equipment among hikers, campers, and fisherman as well for the same purposes. A quality knife makes the process of hunting easier, more enjoyable, and often times safer. When looking for the right hunting knife for yourself you must understand what types of knives are available from retailers and wholesalers around the world. Hunting knives come in forms as diverse as the types of hunting trips available. Types of Hunting Knives Hunting knives generally can be categorized into two categories, fixed blade knives and folding blades. Folding blades' most common forms are lock-back folding and pocket knives. These knives can all be found in collector styles or in tactical forms. It really depends on your needs and interests as to which style you choose. Fixed Blade Knives Fixed blade and folding are the two main styles of hunting knife. Fixed blade knives are generally the more ru...


Hunt More Successfully using a Complete Scent Control System

As you move around hunting, and even when you are just sitting, your body is giving off millions of scent molecules into the surrounding air. The clothes and boots that you wear, and equipment you carry all have odors that add to the scent pool around you.The greatest of the whitetail deer's senses is their nose!In hunting areas that see moderate to heavy pressure, the deer associate human odor with danger and give the hunter very little leeway for mistakes. Deer in areas with light hunting pressure are less conditioned to that association, and lapses in scent control won't have the same consequences.When you are out hunting, if you think 'I am sitting facing a steady wind so I don't need to worry about all that scent control stuff', think about all the area downwind of you that is being polluted with your scent. Some of the areas you hunt may include a 'hub' where several deer trails come together, which means your scent will eliminate a large area of potential. Remember mature bucks may come from the wrong ...


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